Terms of Service

What can I upload?

Upload any type of images as far as they are not illegal.

What are illegal images?

We are sure that you are not a kindergarten student. You know what illegal means.

Adult Images

NO! After careful review, we decided to stop hosting adult images. All adult images will be deleted immediately.


As mentioned above, if there's anything illegal, we will take it down. We do monitor the content for illegal things.

What will happen if I have illegal images?

We will simply ban your account and delete your photos. If content you upload is subject to subpoena from local or international law enforcement, we will release personal information when we believe in good faith that release is necessary to comply with a law.


We don't like to restrict our users. Yes it is allowed. However, make sure you are not using TryIMG.com for commercial purposes. Please respect our service as we are offering you free of cost image hosting.

Bandwidth & Storage

We don't monitor bandwidth or storage. Unlimited Baby!

For how long my files will remain available?

Always! But you must keep a backup of your files. We do not guarantee the availability of the images all the time. We try our best to always serve you.

TryIMG Responsibility

TryIMG.com or anyone associated with it, bears absolutely no responsibility at all for any content (images, jpgs, gifs, pngs, etc.) whatsoever uploaded by users (registered or unregistered). We in no way could be held responsible for any content legally, ethically, culturally, morally, etc..

Ownership of Content

The content uploaded to TryIMG.com remains the property of the user/uploader or with whoever holds the copyright to it. We do not own any content uploaded to our servers by the users.

News & Updates

Follow our blog. We post about issues and updates there.